In delivering sound teaching to the very broad range of people pursuing woodworking, I often feel concerned that in encouraging organisations, tool makers, show organisers and businesses, forums etc, people assume that I in some way receive remuneration and recompense for my presenting for or with them. Only three enterprises do I derive any income from or work for as a director at some level. I am the founding director for New Legacy School of Woodworking UK and New Legacy School of Woodworking, New York USA. I am also a shareholder in  Artisan Media Ltd UK.

I have many friends in the woodworking and business spheres but beyond these three I have no obligations or interest either contractual or implied which would make me recommend or endorse any tool or service over another.


  1. John Montgomery says:

    i am totally in awe in what you do. You reminded of something I read about Picasso, apparently he could draw a perfect circle free hand. I got lot from one of your comments about using all your five senses when working with wood.

    • Michael Price says:

      I just watched my first dvd on MASTER Mortise and Tenons and was truly impressed, NO power tools and am inspired to give it a try a true artist and the video is very well done!
      Michael Price

  2. Fred Latimer says:

    What an incredible experience it is to watch your videos. I just got done watching you cut tenons, and was really impressed with your “poor man’s router”.
    I wish you could show how you prepared that.

  3. Rick Brown says:

    Hello Mr Sellers,
    Thank you for your youtube videos. You have been a great inspiration.for me.
    I have just finished watching the videos (for the second time) on how to build a workbench without first having one . I have resolved to try and build a 6 footer using ash. Is this a good choice of wood? Not counting your choice of spruce in the video, it seems all the benches I have seen use hard maple.

    Rick Brown
    Durham, NC

    • Any wood makes a bench. Ash is fine, nothing particularly special or really different. A spruce one or a pine one will last as long as any hardwood and thats my point in the video. I find they are more absorbing and I have used them for 50 years. I have also worked on “premium quality” hardwood ones and been fine with them too.

  4. James says:

    Mr. Sellers,
    I simply want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the artistry that is wood working with hand tools. I applaud you for educating others in working wood simply and traditionally. You are truely an inspiration!

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