Woodworking Master Classes Alexandra Palace

In one month New Legacy will be at the Ally Pally woodworking show. I will be teaching some masterclasses and we will be demonstrating throughout every day. If you get chance to stop by the booth I will be glad to meet you and talk wood, tools, classes and more.

I think that these events are a great venue to pick up good information, learn new techniques and check out new products. Some classes will be of real value to you and some you will find amusing. I have taught at events like this for over two decades and find them highly inspiring as well as excellent for finding talent. My main thrust as ever will be to add balance to the over emphasis on using machines. It’s an uphill swim but one I find highly worthwhile. Each day I will be discussing core issues like woodworking with children and the new genre woodworker, women’s woodworking and a whole range of other wood-related topics. More than this, I will be challenging those who come to try their hand at hand cutting dovetails, inlaying with plough planes and much more.

Please take time to visit this show on the 11-12 March 2011. It will be well worth the trip and I look forward to seeing you there.

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