Craft conservation through apprenticeships

This has been a very busy week preparing for the Alexandra Palace Masterclass presentation I have next week. Thankfully, help was on its way all the way from Patagonia in Argentina in the form of John Winter, my new apprentice. John loves working with his very capable hands and also in wood and so this is his first opportunity to formally train in craft with a teaching craftsman.

I think that apprenticeship mentoring is an important phase we artisans must involve ourselves in if we are to preserve the essentials of hand work in our craft. I have always engaged in working with young upcoming craftsmen and look forward to having John grow in this next phase of his life.

I designed new display panels (above), which are in the background in the show area at Alexander Palace and John is painting the base units that display the new furniture designs for the presentation. I’m having decals made with the logo on that will stick to the arched top panels. The show has all the promise of being successful and there is always a lot going on with different demonstrations. Also, in addition to my teaching some of the Masterclass sessions Friday and Saturday, we will be giving free demonstration workshops throughout the weekend. I recommend that you attend the show because there is a wealth of good (and bad) information to discover there. If you are attending the show please stop in and see us.