Beyond the externals are hidden design concepts

I designed this bookcase for an article I wrote recently for one of the magazines I write for. It’s simple enough to make using my three joints and ten hand tools methods, but it has a hidden feature you might like that really works in a variety of ways. You can use it on a wide range of different projects and though I designed this to give me adjustability, it’s worth using just to hide the bracket within. You may want to remove the shelf for larger book sizes for instance, or simply adjust it.

Beyond the seamless exterior appearance, the intermediate shelves are fully adjustable, but the adjustment is hidden in a groove within the shelf ends. This ‘bracket’ is made from a coppered steel welding rod that I bent the ends of to fit into corresponding holes that can be placed wherever you want them. The bookcase spacings on mine are for books, which also correspond to DVD cases too. I have always loved to work in pine and laso like the look of it and though this pine was a clear-grade European redwood pine, oak, walnut or cherry would work just as well if you wanted a hardwood unit.

My hidden welding rod support bracket