Creating my workspace II

I’ve never been in two workshops that are the same. The reason partly is that we all have different preferences and different ways of working. Mine is different in some ways and yet harkens back to a more traditional past: Why? Because I’m more a traditional hand toolist rather than a machinist. Most machine-only woodworkers would at one time have been referred to as a exactly that, machinists. Today, people refer to a shop full of machines as tools, which is a misnomer. In light of that this section and subsequent sections may make no sense to such a group.

I use power tools and I use them every day. I do not have any power tools in my Penrhyn Castle workshop because I don’t need them there. This is very freeing for me; no dust collection systems, protective face shields, dust masks, ear protection and so on. My workspace therefore revolves around my workbench as you can see. I will post later on Pod woodworking.