Arts and crafts find #3

Recycling wood just got better…


I hoped all week that the vendor hadn’t sold them and there they ere this morning. We struck a deal and so I brought them home to my workshop.

…pass it on!

Not too many pieces like this are around the flleamarkets and car boot sales, but in the four inlaid panels of Arts and Crafts inlay there is history, craftsmanship, solid quartersawn oak and more.


Recycle a wardrobe into a table…









Now it’s as I suspected with regards to the joinery used to make the head and footboard. There is none. The bed frame is joined with 7/16″ dowels rather than mortise and tenon joints. But the wood is solid and quartersawn in places. Its English oak which strikes a cord with me because it’s so nice to work.


…forget the dowels, keep the oak

I dismantled the bed. It didn’t take too much knocking apart with a block and soft-head hammer. Now here is my plan. I want to build a couple of pieces with the panels. One will be a Craftsman-style rocking chair, I think. I can use one of the panels in the center of the back between slats.


Two panels will make door panels in a wall cupboard, which I will use for the right range of tools, maybe. The fourth panel I will use to make a table to go with the chair.


Watch my creative workspace working.