Where to stay near the New Legacy School

Many people ask about accommodation near the New Legacy School of Woodworking at Penrhyn Castle and the nearest Hotel to the workshops is about 1 1/2 miles to the castle itself. The Abbeyfield Hotel is an old Hotel offering hospitable accommodation with breakfast and evening meal available every day.


The hotel is small and locally owned hotel with 11 rooms each of which has ensuite facilities with single and double bedrooms available year around.


My brother stayed at the Abbeyfield Hotel last weekend and he said that the food was excellent both for breakfast and the evening meal. I trust his judgement on this as he travels around the world with his work and he rated the food very highly. I also talked with the local vicar who commended the food highly as he often attended functions at the Hotel and the food, he said, was always excellent. So, clean sheets and a hot shower, a good evening meal and good home cooked breakfast, what more coud you want?




Walking to the Woodworking school takes about 30 minutes through lovely countryside and the woodlands of Penrhyn Castle itself. I often walk this path myself and enjoy looking along the Ogwen River as it tumbles down to the sea beyond the tree-flanked fields on either bank.






The pathway through Llandygai village shortens the journey a little and as you climb the hill into the village, Talgai Church stands on the righthand side with its slate headstones in the graveyard and its quaint cottages that line the village to the entrance to the Castle.






As you enter the castle gates and walk along the road to the castle, you will walk through about 1/2 a mile of beautiful North Wales woodland in its prime. Native beech, walnut, oak, elm, ash and dozens of others stand alongside massive redwoods, monkey puzzle, spruce, and a wide range of pines, cedars and firs. This is one of my favourite walks in the morning. The freshness of the undisturbed woodland resonates with my every step as I climb the banks to the castle.


The views over the sea to Llandudno are stunning as are the mountains of Snowdonia and the wildlife in both areas of this centre of outstanding natural beauty.


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  1. I know that Paul no longer teaches classes here, but is right about the place. If you ever find yourself in this area I would highly suggest The Abbeyfield Hotel and a tour of Penrhyn Castle.

    The Abbeyfield Hotel is really a nice place to stay. Not only is the food very good, the portions are large (if you are hungry when you finish your meal, you eat way too much). The rooms where clean and did not smell. In the evenings the people that frequent the pub are very friendly. My wife had an old Bible that was her great (or great great) grandparents. It had some writing in it that was in Welch (the Bible was printed in Welch also). Someone at the pub translated it for her and wrote it down on paper. You will not find that hospitality any place.

    If you visit Penrhyn Castle, I would suggest you walk to it from the hotel. Maybe it is because I am an America, but it was a beautiful walk. The castle is a wonderful visit if you like items crafted by hand. I think I took around 400+ pictures while there (took almost 1300 in the 3 days we where in Wales).

    Just a note, if you do not eat anything else while you are in Wales, you have to try a rarebit. I know a very good place in Caernarfon to get on.

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