Day 2 three-day workshop

The castle was buzzing with people today and we were busy on every front too. In previous years Penrhyn Castle has had as many as 350,000 visitors pass through the gates in about 8 months. That’s a ton of people. We had a steady stream today but I managed to duck outside a couple of times and sit under the oaks and beeches watching happy families roll around in the grass with the kids in the grass.

Within the walls and inside my workshop we made stuff all day long. Lots of pressure now; joints, planes, sharpening, waterstones, gauges and bevel-edged chisels; dispelling the myths and lies about secondary bevels and chatter in planes. A good day de-industrialising more woodworkers and getting them into the stuff of real woodworking.


Yesterday refined a saw handle on a saw I had. I sharpened it today and it cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. Posted how to on LumberJocks blogs. This is Sheldon ripping through his box lid with it.



The class is going well and all are working hard to get good results and master the skills of dovetailing and planing. Creating sensitive woodworkers is what this is all about.


I wonder what these classes would mean to you. Reading the blogs and following my work.My goal is to get people into real woodworking again and away from using purely industrial mass manufacturing processes scaled down to fit in garages and sheds. Hands on wood and real tools so that instead of feeding wood into machines they feed tools into wood and I am not talking about power routers jigsaw puzzle makers.