AWFS Fair Las Vegas # 4

Just a few thoughts this morning. A few days ago I was in the UK pondering a question. How can I, getting ready to go to Vegas in three days time, with a half dozen important things yet to do, I needed a workbench 5,000 miles away in Las Vegas for me to demonstrate. I called Woodcraft, Rockler and few others and no one could help so I went on line and found Woodworkers Emporium. I made a phone call and talked to the owner, Christian Brisepierre, a man who knew nothing about me and whom I have never met or talked to before. Almost without question, I explained my predicament and he said, “I have two, you can use one.”

Next thing is I am in Las Vegas unloading a workbench from the back of his truck, together with some clear, clean knot free boards for demonstrating with.

I thought about Christian; how without knowing me he simply wanted to help. That’s how it is and always has been with woodworkers universally. A willingness to share tools and equipment, knowledge and skill and much more. So far the bench has worked out fine. I am certain that anyone visiting the Woodworkers Emporium will get the same treatment and more. Thank you Christian, for all your help.


  1. HI Paul : this is Tim (the Singapore guy) who dropped by your booth on Fri. I could not find any pre-ordering information for your teaching material (DVDs + book) on american woodworker's web page. Please let me know how I can pre-order your material. Looking fwd to it.


    P.S. : I saw you carrying your workbench with help from another guy at the show entrance today (Sat) at 4:30pm. Seemed rather heavy…

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