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Mesquite grows throughout vast tracts of Texas rangeland. I’ve worked its substance for two decades to date and no other wood I ever used has more stability than mesquite.

Living in South Texas in 1987 I picked up my first chunk of mesquite. It looked like mahogany, but the denseness was heavy in my hand. From then on I used mesquite whenever I could. Many of my pieces started with harvested wood cut with my chainsaw in the middle of some Texas wilderness. Longhorn cows owned by Dolph Briscoe surrounded me as I cut the flailing limbs. Longhorns like the sweet bean pods that swell and dry in August, so as soon as I disappeared with my load they were there in my wing mirrors chewing them from the branches.

I designed this desk to unite two vastly distinct and different worlds of the rough and the refined; the hand cut and the high tech. Designed for the minimalist, this laptop desk has no drawers and filing areas. The shelves left and right lift to access bins to store wireless keyboard and mouse. The central flat top will hold a large screen and charging laptop outlets are accessed on top also. The leather desk area sits the keyboard at 28″ and the clean lines create a creative space for people to write into the future.

I enjoyed designing this simpler piece and still make it today from quartersawn oak.

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  1. Hello
    I was hoping to see a picture of the desk. Did it get deleted on purpose?

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