Students leave and we renew

The shop was empty today, with all the students now returning home. John put the tools away in the drawers and I started building more storage cupboards to store the filming equipment and some of the recent tools I have acquired for the classes. I decided to include #4 1/2 smoothing planes and #5 1/2 jack planes in addition to #4s.

It seems funny having the benches filled one minute with tools and projects, people, and banter back and forth throughout the day and then seeing them waiting for the next batch of enthusiastic woodworkers.


We have many visitors passing through throughout the day and there is always someone interesting to talk to from Israel or Germany, Holland or the USA. John and I worked together all day, he on drawers and me and the on cupboards we can now wheel out of the studio when we are filming or doing photography. My new book will be on the market in a matter of weeks now and I look forward to the reaction from people.





I walked through the formal walled garden for a while and enjoyed the bright colours and wildlife that recognizes no such physical boundary. I appreciate a creative sphere in which I work, walk, live and imbibe from.

I use the term ‘imbibe from’ carefully in that I draw sustenance from creation in the same way seeds absorb moisture as solution into the fibre of their ultramicroscopic pores in order to stimulate growth. A walk away from working, even briefly, helps us to recreate in the sense of remake, rework, rethink and reconnect with our resource. How is it possible that anyone believes they can grow without connecting to the source of life itself. Man is absolutely incapable of creating the kind of beauty surrounding us. He can in some minute measure appreciate how it looks and what it means to him, but inevitably I conclude that I can make good things from wood, but I cannot create the tree.

2 thoughts on “Students leave and we renew”

  1. Dallas Rysavy


    I love following along with your blog, it is theraputic to someone that works in the hectic world of Big US business, but longs for the simplicity of hand tools. I took one of your classes several years ago here in the US and very much enjoyed it. Just wondered what your book Title is and where it we will be available in the US.


    1. woodworkingschool

      Hello Dallas,
      I guess the word is almost out. If you can wait just a few more days I will let you know all of the details. I've waited many years for this phase in my life and to see if we can transform and reshape the way woodworkers perceive hand tools, hand tool woodworking and so on. I would really like woodworkers to see hand tools as true Power Tools capable of accurate power cuts rather than primitive or nostalgic relics of the past for highly skilled masters and the machines for what they really are, which is a convenient method for ripping, crosscutting and dimensioning wood.
      I will let you know in five days. Meanwhile I will be in Las Vegas at the AWFS (American Woodworking and Furniture Show) 20-23 July 2011. Booth #1663 where we will be launching a full package of teaching aids for woodworkers. We have partnered with American Woodworker Magazine on a long term strategy so I am looking forward tot that.

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