A craftsman cuts the tree from the forest, reshapes its beauty into new form useful to life. He cares for the tree and concerns himself before the cut severs the stem from life that supports it. Once the cut comes it cannot be reversed. This is the way of the craftsman.

The craftsman works for a master to make what he makes. The master cares little for the resource. Better the craftsman work for himself, then he can continue with care for his surroundings. Cottage craft allows for care and disallows mass manufacture and cheap, disposable goods. I hope that we see cottage craft again in small clusters around the globe. Real work by men who strive to live their work. It’s no easy choice to make but once made it’s rewarding. If you have a conviction about your beliefs you can comply your life to the task of living out your beliefs. It’s a special way seldom known by most today. My goal is to help others find this vibrant proactive place. No, it’s not a Utopia vision, just a way to work honestly with your God-given hands. Simple really, when you think about it.