The European Woodworking Show


The European Woodworking Show in Essex promises a broad spectrum of exhibitors and demonstrators and I know that show organiser Mike Hancock puts a great deal of effort into bringing a successful show together. His passion for woodworking shines through in this endeavour and I want to support his ambitions to make this venue is a successful representation of European Woodworking at its best.

As a lifestyle woodworker I want these shows to dedicate more to the education of new and seasoned woodworkers so that they can enhance their work and gain confidence through the educating influence of knowledgeable providers. Getting beyond the so-called power routers and chop saw salesmen is truly pivotal to this enhancing strategy so lets get together for the European Woodworking Show this October and spend a weekend in the wood.


The North and South divide has lessened through the decades and this show is for everyone in the UK and say, “Make it our show.” That’s always an important difference. Some shows are of course purely business ventures for promoters and they do it purely for money and of course  don’t have a problem with that; we all have to pay the bills. The problem is that often we woodworkers won’t organise our own show, which could be highly successful with the right people. These shows rely on the big boys to come to the shows and if they don’t, other smaller businesses don’t come either. The internet buying system of today radicalised how we buy goods and so the once popular Big show specials! we knew no longer have the lure as in times past. This in turn led to reduced sales which is all the big boys are there for any way.

Cressing Temple Barns is a great venue. I have talked with Mike many times and he believes the show is important to woodworkers and will continue to grow as people continue to awaken to the reality of hand tools, which in essence are the true Power Tools most people  are looking for when they start working with wood anyway.

I will be teaching several Masterclasses at the show this year. Joinery, inlaying, tool sharpening and much more. Those who know me know that my demonstrations really provide tremendous insight into a wide range of issues beyond just how we work wood. I just returned from the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas three weeks ago and had a wonderful time teaching and demonstrating there to promote the release of my new book Working Wood. I will be signing my new book at the European Woodworking Show and you will have the opportunity to win a Three-day Foundational Course workshop with me at Penrhyn Castle or my woodworking course,  a 7-DVD Course and a copy of Working Wood the Artisan Course with Paul Sellers there at the show.


Watch saw sharpening at its best  as I teach you how



And watch out for my hand plane techniques too.

I show you how to set your planes by sound alone! 


Look forward to seeing you in a month’s time. get ready for some real woodworking.