Women woodworking course

I am presently working on a three-day course for beginning woodworking for women. The reasons are many but I have taught many women woodworkers through the years and I have gained some insights that will help strategise practical ways for women to develop skill.

If you want to learn  skilful methods and techniques that build both competence and confidence, then this course is for you. If machines and so-called power tools intimidate you as a woman, don’t feel bad, in my view they should. Most of them are purely industrial, unnecessary and  very dangerous to use. We have special tools best suited to women. They are sized differently and some of them work differently. How many of you know that you do not need power tools to work wood effectively, efficiently and very accurately. How many of you know that many hand tool methods are easier and faster than machines and completely safe? You will be amazed at how confident you will become using basic tools such as handsaws and chisels, hammers, axes, screwdrivers and hand drills.

 Kat Sellers working a dovetail

It’s a three-day beginning woodworking course with me at the bench and like minded women alongside you who want to master the basics. Ever made a picnic table and benches? A tool carrier or a wooden rake? We teach these project based courses and you take away newfound confidence to work around the house with your own hands. It’s a proactive course to equip women for woodworking and carpentry around the home and it really works.
 Some students never worked wood before now.












Sue found a certain freedom as she made her second project.


Please contact Liz at the new Legacy School of Woodworking on 01248 354685 to put your name down for the next workshop.