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I’m working on my next book which happens to be about the woodworking planes I have relied on throughout my woodworking life. I will be adding a film with it available as a DVD. Fact is, planes comprise a wide range of categories and I want to make certain that you know which ones are equal to the task and which ones you can rely on. I also want you to consider some elements of woodworking that may counter the status quo with reference to subjects such as thin versus thick irons, plane chatter and what’s little more than gossip, which planes work for what and how we craftsmen have used them through the centuries. This book and the DVD will trace passages of history relating to planes. I’ll be showing the historical origin of planes that made the sash windows in Victorian mansions and plough planes that floored the factories of cotton and woollen mills in the North of England and North Wales. Let’s take a look at how well or poorly the planes of old worked and compare them to their modern-day counterparts.

This is not supposed to be a textual presentation, but more one of factual fascination. We’ll be investigating, researching, discovering and above all learning. In this publication I talk to you about the planes I physically use everyday or as needed. I want to prove a few things that will be truly valuable to you and the DVD will further prove to you points about my planes that may not be possible in a book format. I want to prove that with planes it is rarely an either or but a mainly all. I mean, what would you feel if I told you I could rout out a 3/8 wide groove 1/2″ deep and 8 feet long in under two minutes and that includes setting up the 150 year-old plane? Or cut a 3/4″ wide housing dado 1/4″ deep in six strokes and have a perfectly flawless depth as smooth as silk using no knives, no saws and no chisels? Fascinated? Book now for up to date information by contacting me direct via the contact form.

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  1. Your comment about making dado’s by hand without any knives, etc. And getting a clean edge? Now that I want to see. So yes I am in for the plane series.

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