European Woodworking Show #3

European Woodworking Show #3

Spent time prepping demo wood and sharpening some of my tools for the European Woodworking Show next weekend. Masterclasses are important instructional events where we pass on what we know and include those who want to gain what knowledge we have. I intend to make this one will be different to those you have ever attended before.

I have watched so-called Masterclasses for years and many of them are a bit like watching paint dry because the expert excludes the audience by setting the stage and showing himself as the ‘master’ ‘over’ his audience; separating himself by skill level. So, if you want to, bring your plane and saw, your spokeshave and scraper. I will critique and even work on it for you. If there are 60 people there, they will all gain from the experience too.

With interactive demonstrations, no proactive inclusion, you will not believe what you can do with your planes, spokeshaves and a 10” brass-backed saw.

I will show you some amazing things you have not seen before guaranteed. Like how to cut dovetails in under two minutes and have all four sets for the corner of a box absolutely identical. We will inlay wood; make wooden stars decoration and all in a matter of minutes.

I look forward to the future show and I will see you all there.