Been filming. Missed you! Back now!

Sorry for neglecting everyone the past few days. Yesterday we filmed all day and the prep time is usually a couple of days minimum and then there is lots of thought that goes into it too.

You are important to me. I’ve reached a point in my life where I think I know what works for today’s woodworker and I have no agenda to make money. In the USA I totally invested my 23 years there in the lives of others. Some, no most, of my closest friends were those I met there and my life was enriched by those associations, which is why I am here in the UK now.
My love for woodworking is more than an enjoyable hobby. (That may be the very last time I use that hateful word) Woodworking is very much who I am and I choose to be. I have information inside me that is pivotal to the fulcrum of dislodging the hardwired machinist to enter the spheres of creativity he never considered because he never considered that he could possibly master real skill. What would you say if you could become a true artisan instead of a mere machinist assembly worker putting components together in your garage?

What would you say to going through a course that would take you from this…





…to this.


Well, through my artisan course, now you can.