I found myself driving from North Wales…

On my way to work this morning I found myself driving from North Wales to Manchester Airport, boarding a plane and sitting amongst two hundred people headed for the US. I’m on a whirlwind trip again in similar fashion to the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas in July of this year.

I never relish travelling. It holds no excitement for me and I’d rather be walking in the woods for five hours than sitting on jet planes. But it’s a necessary trip. As necessary as it was in July. Your woodworking is important to me. I want to make it even better. Someone told me yesterday that I couldn’t tell others how good my DVDs were. “ It would be better that someone else tell people how good they are.” That may be true, I receive emails every day telling me that they are good and so is the book. Well, let me tell you how good these DVDs are and how good the course is.

They are the best DVDs on woodworking that I have ever seen. They express exactly what I want to tell the world and they are the reason I am on my way to New York and Canada. There, I did it. I said it. If I don’t tell you that I can’t recall ever seeing better quality videography, close ups, animated graphics on any woodworking DVD ever anywhere, I would fail the crew that created a way that will train thousands more woodworkers than I could ever possibly reach. The DVDs are not about me but my friends that made the videos. People say that they feel they are standing around my bench and that’s more than I could have hoped for. If you’ve been looking for a long-term course over the next three years then follow this sign. This course can be your apprenticeship. You will soon master the same techniques that I have used for over 45 years, but you wont have to wait more than a year or two to get them.

This is what JH and Chuck had to say:

“I received the artisan course about a month ago and I’m absolutely amazed. I love the course and have started investing in the required tools suggested in the book…

… I have either found online, or have purchased many of the other tools listed in the book. I do appreciate the help and hope to attend your classes very soon.

J H.


I’ve been talking about your course until people’s eyes glaze over. 🙂

Unfortunately, most of my friends aren’t woodworkers so the fine points are lost on them and they pass out with boredom rather quickly.

One of the things I find so useful is when you show such simple layout methods with so little measuring. They are old methods I realize, but there

is so much common sense value there I periodically thump myself in the forehead for not thinking of it while I’m working. I try to do as little actual measuring as possible anyway, but these little homely techniques are absolute gold as far as I’m concerned.

I also like your simple approach to sharpening. The first time I saw the demo of the course I noticed how sharp your tools are.

Looking forward to the next series. The two major power tools that I have in my shop are a bandsaw and a drill press, so bandsaw techniques will be welcome.


Anyway, that’s the team at Artisanco.com they did it. If you want a free 30 minute promo disc on the course got to their website.

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