The North of England Woodworking Show

Bit sluggish today. Lots going through my mind and much to do to get ready for the North of England Woodworking Show. I will be signing my new book at the show and of course demonstrating there too.

Those in the UK should come to this show. I find my more unusual tools at Tony Murland’s antique and collectible rarities and of course Mike Hancock has plenty of good new stock from Veritas, Lie Nielsen and many others, so visit his website, pick your stuff and pick it out at the show.

Some of the vendors have hardwoods for sale and it’s a good place to network in the physical, which is so much more than online contacts and such. I went through the wood in the past and you might need some smaller quantities to carry away with you.


There are plenty of craftsmen there teaching short seminars and such and demonstrating too, so talking with stick carvers and french polishers will give you some insights to hang around for.

There are also chair bodgers and Windsor chair makers and for the machine only woodworkers looking for mass-making methods and less tactile content there is always the machine dominance to hang out in. Not many of the demonstrators with machine methods are that savvy and often it takes ten minutes to watch them pull a demo together but you can always catch some real woodworking with the woodturners and hand tool guys at Classic Hand Tools while you are waiting.

Some times the aisles get a little full as you can see but woodworkers are not a snobby bunch and you never know who you may be rubbing shoulders with!