Joinery = harmony

The root word for joinery is harmos, which is where we get the word harmony from. When I look at these gates I feel the certainty of peace. The oak used is mainly quartersawn white oak and the gates are all mortise and tenoned throughout.

This type of work is becoming scarcer and scarcer but I wish that would change. These gates are really just lovely to look at. The only reason they were made was because they were insured and someone backed into the old ones which were ready for replacing anyway.


cut    white

oak shaped grain

planed fitted fitly framed

jointed tenons mortised

deeply strong


One comment on “Joinery = harmony

  1. Paul, you could change that scarcity issue you mention in the blog.
    Build a project with those decorative characteristics found in the beautiful gate.
    I am sure there are followers of yours that are up to it, but that need guidance in how to generate the shapes with hand tools.


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