Except Tuesdays.

The new display at the woodworking school has much lovely colour and worked well as a backdrop at the show. With the school being in the National Trust’s Penrhyn Castle I like to keep up the standard and even go beyond where possible.

The Book and DVDs are now selling and with great reviews from the USA and UK users, which far surpasses the usual source of reviews.  Thank you so much for supporting this new area of life. Keep the encouraging letters and emails coming in and I especially want to know just how you find the DVD and book combination helpful.


Please come by the Castle when you get chance. There’s a lot cooking but we always have time for a chat and cuppa most days!

  • Lee Jensen on I Stood Back . . .we just replaced 34 year old solid oak kitchen cabinets they had no cracks anywhere we replaced them with solid maple you'll like them
  • William Swinyer on A Few Years AgoHi Paul, I agree with the person above with the idea of doing this as a WWMC project. It would be a great project. Sincerely, William Swinyer
  • Clarence Zimmerman on A Few Years AgoThank you! My son, 34 years of age passed away 2 years ago this month. As a boy, he spent time with me in the shop as I built his bedroom furniture, etc.. aspiring to leave him mem…
  • Mike Z. on A Future PastGreat stories and pictures to boot! I think part of why your teaching methods work so well is the time you spent on both sides of the Atlantic ocean - not an easy chasm to straddle…
  • Alain Briot on A Few Years AgoWho is Joseph? Your son? Thank you for the nice story.
  • Dave R on A Few Years AgoI also would love to see this toolchest as a project on WWMC.
  • Nick Jones on A Few Years AgoWhat a lovely story. Time with our kids is the most precious, rewarding and important time of our lives. Wonderful.