My week unfolds – future possibilities too

The North of England Woodworking Show

There is a lot happening this week as there is in all my weeks. Thus coming weekend we have the North of England Woodworking Show in Harrogate, which always promises a large crowd and even more work demonstrating and talking to people about real woodworking.


This show is fairly compacted because the venue is small, but there is usually enough room to manoeuvre if you come early and leave late.


I always enjoy chatting with the different people whether they are vendors or demonstrators, visitors or whatever. The common ground for conversation is of course Working Wood, whichever way people choose to work it.

Book Signing

I’ll be adjacent to the Classic Hand Tools booth at the show and will be signing my book Working Wood the Artisan Course with Paul Sellers for those who want them signing. Many people are looking for real methods for working wood that work without machines as well as with them; so that they can really get started without too much expense and effort.

Interview with the BBC

Monday next I will be recording an interview with the BBC’s Radio Wales for live broadcast that afternoon and so me sitting on this bench outside the castle follows a preinterview preparing for the live program. As a Fellow of the RSA I think it’s important to share the vision we have for our creative spheres and the developments we are involved in to spread the word about our personal work.



Walking the grounds

I love my work, but I must force myself from the workshop to walk the grounds for a break in the day. The leaves are of course changing as I said in my previous blog so I enjoy them crunching beneath my feet as I walk along the woodland paths. I have been involved with the Castle Penrhyn for almost five years now and have made many friends along the way. The education department at National Trust here has a pretty full and extensive program working with the children in the Woodland School and I have seen that develop through the efforts of various people like Resi and Lee, Mike and many others.



2 thoughts on “My week unfolds – future possibilities too”

  1. Paul, in the video series I see you using one type of gouge for the spoon and another type for the bowl. What is the brand, size, and sweep of each one?

    1. There are many good gouges out there. Modern makers are Pfeil, Two Cherries, Swiss Made. Any of these work well. In b=Britain there is a cheap brand called Faithful and these work equally well at less than $6. You need one around 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ with #7 sweep, but others will work too.

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