Geodesically speaking


The woodlands were alive last week with volunteers and staff at the Woodland School building a geodesic dome for the children to shelter in and make projects in if the weather is unsuited to their outdoor activities.


Resi Tomat who oversees the educational department asked me if I had a rounder to round the end of staves for the superstructure and so I suggested we use the Veritas tenon rounder.


With a couple of hundred to go for it needed to be simple and time efficient, which rounder’s are if the prep work is fairly accurate.



Anyway, the 1” tenoner will take oversized stock of about 1 ½”, so any variance because of inexperienced prep was resolved with the tenoner.



These plastic ends are boiled in water and the crimped from round to flat so that they can be bolted together at each intersecting point. Fast and efficient.


The question for the real woodworking campaigners is is it the wood that makes it real woodworking or is it the method we use to work it???a