My Creative Workspace #30

I’m thankful for the work I do. I have been making the hope chest for a few days now and on Saturday I have a two-day workshop so I will postpone some of the work until next week. Sharing my workspace has become increasingly important as I grow older and whether it’s teaching, apprenticing or having friends in for a few hours, I’m glad to have what I have for others.

Ever since I was a boy I tried to create space for working with my hands. The advantage of hand work over machines is that a small bench and a dozen hand tools means I can create. Ever since then I have always shaped my workshops wherever I have had a home.

This cabinet is Georgian and made from hand planed quartersawn oak. Very unusual in that it had bi-fold doors with glass panels. very lovely piece to do a restoration on.

Most of them have been modest, a shed, a porch a lean-to carport, a garage or a conservatory. My workspaces, places to simply work, held my tools and my bench. These hubs began by building a workbench on my knees on the floor. One time, in the US, I made a 10′ bench 3′ wide on the living room floor. I used it for over 20 years. Benches are the third hand for hand toolists like me. Everything I have ever made came from the benches I made and everyone of them has been special to me in different ways.

Here is one of my previous workshops. Just big enough to swing a cat (not really). I enjoyed this one as much as any. A homey  stone-built with a dripping stone slab roof.