A few small things today

Today’s table making

Today Here at the New Legacy school I start a table making workshop, which concludes the Foundational Course and prepares the students for more advanced workshops that include things like chests and rocking chairs. I’ll keep you posted on our progress over the next few days as I work through my project too, to keep you up to date on the Hope Chest.

Hope chests present and future

I am not certain whether hope chests were in anticipation of marriage or whether it was because dads hoped to get to it sooner than later. The Hope Chest should be finished this week, all being well and the creek don’t rise. After that I will start the Shaker dovetailed chest which I hope you will enjoy too.

Making and using the Paul Sellers’ palm gauge

I will be making a palm gauge today and will post more on this this evening. It’s a simple tool I find practical and used it in days when I had no money or forgot a tool. It’s quick and simple to make and works as well as any other gauge with the restrictions that make it so practical and comfortable to use.

Recutting teeth on saws

I will be filing the teeth off a saw today because the teeth have been too badly sharpened t restore. I will recut them with a file and end up with a fine old saw. It’s a simple process and will help you if you need to resize teeth or restore a saw to practical use. In general, saws with less than 16 ppi can be resharpened. Saws with smaller teeth than this are extremely difficult and I would say that in general they cannot be regularly resharpened. More on that later too.

A Discussion on stay-set cap irons

I want to go over this unique concept and why generally it’s not a good one for craftsmen.