Mortise and tenon – under 10 minutes

After my 8 minute dovetail on YouTube I thought you might like the 10 minute mortise and tenon in oak.

I also have a couple more to go up on YouTube so watch for them. One is the roundover to the lid and bottom. Short, three minutes for this one using only a standard no-frills smoothing plane.



The second video is another dovetailer I promised and has four dovetails cut by sight. Here are some pictures of what I mean.


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  1. Paul Sellers on 28 May 2013 at 7:14 am

    Both saws work fine, but even when they have the same size teeth as some of my saws do, the power cut is always nearest to the handle. The shorter saws have less leverage against you and you can work more accurately with shorter saws for some work.