Saw sharpening workshop Wednesday



This coming Wednesday 22 December, I have a non-scheduled workshop on saw sharpening and planes for some college teachers. There are a couple of places spare if you want to spend a few hours on this subject.



We will cover many aspects of saw sharpening and talk about saw categories, tools for sharpening and going places with saws others fear to tread. Like filing off the teeth and starting over, or passive rip cutting and passive to aggressive methods and much more. Do you know which saws can and cannot be sharpened and why? And I am not talking about impulse hardened teeth only here.



I can take three more people if you call me on 01248 354685. No charge, just bring a couple of your duller saws.


Time permitting we will go over planes too. Bring any type with you. If your saws and planes are rugged, bring some emery paper or abrasive paper – a range from 180-grit to 400-grit will work for  most things.

Please call ASAP so I can get you on board. First come first served.

See you Wednesday!