I rest tomorrow



It’s a rather unusual thing really. When I arrived home this evening I tried to think how many things have given me as much pleasure as teaching woodworkers my skills and passing to them my working knowledge. It’s not necessarily an all too easy task, even though I have been doing this part time since 1989. I have started successful ventures, businesses, woodworking schools and such, but it’s only now that I really see my skills reproduced in the lives of others both past and present.


Joseph has been with me these past few days, despite the fact that he has also had lectures at university. The class is easier when I have him with me, but what makes the classes easy is the fact that my students love to be here.



Anyway, my thoughts on the past three days are that despite my feeling less than in the best of health throughout each day, we made it through to success and joy. For me, that means each day was progressively forward reaching, challenging, fun and rewarding. Planes began to work and saws finally cut straight and to the line. Chisels chopped and pared wood, dovetails fit the pin recesses and hinged lids were done rightly. I am so thankful for my apprenticeship days. All I learned stayed with me through the years and now dozens of furniture makers through the years now practice the art of furniture making, woodworking and wood turning in their own businesses.

We enjoyed lunch in the Penrhyn Castle cafe today and John had cooked bangers and mash for us, the others are in another room. Sorry I missed you out!


A close to a very busy January month

January 1st I arrived in New York. I had my birthday 4th January and taught three days of master classes in Baltimore, Maryland on the 6-8th January. On Tueday10-11th January I trained my friends at the new New Legacy New York School of Woodworking during the day and spent the evenings of the same two days teaching hands-on workshop for parents who want to teach their children woodworking at home. On Thursday 12th January I left for Springfield Massachusetts and on 13-15th January I taught three days of master classes there. On 23rd January I began my journey home and had my flight cancelled 24 hours. I got a good day of rest in Philadelphia and arrived home Wednesday 25th January. On the 26-29th January I taught my first UK class of the year and it was so much fun.