Busy day, busy day

We made excellent progress yesterday.  The display panels were completed around 1am but Tom and David and I had to press to get things accomplished. They get painted to day and the graphics come in too so we have the main aspects of our booth close to completion.

There is always a glut of things that need attention at times like this but when i see my tools on the bench and the order of their presence somehow gives me a sense of peace that things are in control. Believe it or not, with a good bench, and Tom made the one from my book for the show, and about ten hand tools, I feel more than equipped to teach masterclasses on just about anything made from wood. Even machine woodworking makes sense as long as I can see my hand tools hovering nearby.


I will give another post later today that will be a little fuller and tomorrow as we travel the eight hours to Baltimore I will take pictures along the journey. It’s extremely cold here now. Everything is frozen solid and people are wrapped up thoroughly from head to toe. Different than North Wales. Much, much colder. Thank the Lord for the Gulf Stream.


  1. Paul,

    Will you be selling your dvd / book at the Baltimore show or will I have to go over to the Lee Valley stand?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      I will indeed be selling the book and DVDs so stop by for a special discount and signing if you want.
      Hope to see you there.

      Best regards,


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