I spent the day planning and working through all that we need to accomplish to be ready for the woodworking show this coming weekend as well as visiting the woodshop and the New Legacy Woodworking School to see the wonderful progress.

These are views outside. Quite lovely!









It was nice to see the guys again and see them all working together. Lots of benches around getting ready for evening classes next week and some more intense training beyond Masterclasses at the The Woodworking Shows in Baltimore and Springfield. Just to update you of the dates there here they are:

Baltimore, MD 6-8 January

Springfield, MA 13-15 January

Somerset, NJ 24-26 February

Fredericksburg, VA 2-4 March

Tom and I went over to Home Depot and Lowes to pick up some supplies and before I knew it the day was gone. I enjoyed picking through the wood and reacquainting myself with everything. I have spent half of my working life here in the US so I have a natural affinity with everything here too. Sometimes I think that those in the UK and Europe should come here for classes and those in the US should fly to Penrhyn Castle!

The inside of the new woodshop is really amazing with its timberframed mass and vaulted roof area; really very beautiful. It will be lovely to hold classes here and see how things will develop. I love my workshop in the castle at Penrhyn too. This one is just very different. I know our US woodworking friends are just going to love it and everyone here has worked so hard just for that reason.


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