An old Groves saw rescued

I went to the car boot sale at Llandygai where I live and found this old tenon saw. It’s one made by R Groves & Sons and though I have larger and smaller versions by this quality maker dating from the 1770’s, this one is not a 14” but a shorter 12” and a size I like.




I have two other Groves’ saws which are larger and have great weight for tenon cutting and love having them for that.






I think that £7.50 ($12 USD) for a good old saw like this is a fair price. It will take me an hour to restore it and when I’m done it will be as good as any of the top end saws on the market. There’s a little surface pitting of old, but I quite like that and it makes no difference to the function of the saw. One thing about old and well-used saws is that the steel is worn thinner and smoother too. Thin saws take much less effort to use provided you don’t overset them, which makes them of a functionality the same as saws with thicker steel plates.

Another thing I really like too is the fineness of the handle and the fact that it so fits my hand. Many saw handles are too big, even for my largish hands. The circumference of a saw handle is important.

5 thoughts on “An old Groves saw rescued”

  1. Hello Paul
    I live in Belgium, but was recently visiting my son who lives near Bristol. There is a shop in Bristol called Bristol Design that sells old tools. I found myself a Sanderson and Newbould tenon saw, beautifully balanced and so much nicer to use than a hardpoint. It needs a bit of sharpening but i will get round to that. I also found a beautiful Marples draw-knife for making spindles for Windsor chairs. Sharpened up nicely. I have an old Stanley G-cramp, what a difference in quality with the new castings!

  2. Patrick Anderson

    I read your post and then was looking at the bay. What do I spot but a 12″ groves tenon saw. Brilliant I thought and then I noticed the location of the seller was back in the UK. The postage was putting me off on top of what I thought the saw might end up at.

    Unfortunately for me, no one bid on it so it wouldn’t have been that pricey after all. Maybe I’ll risk a punt on the next one.

  3. I have a 12″ R Groves and Son Saw and I am looking for the bolts and nuts. can anyone assist? Would greatly appreciate it

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