First day of the show

We drove to the New Jersey show from Greenwich early this morning and at noon I was ready for my first demonstration, which went well considering it was the first of the day. It’s always a psychological challenge in the first hour of a show because you never quite know if everything will fall exactly in place. The first demo was cram-jammed full with not even standing room. The questions were great and we covered a lot of ground. The show is very supportive of the work I am doing and especially with its educational dimension, which for me is a critical element. My demonstrations were directly opposite the Veritas booth and right next to the show entrance so we were easy to find. This show was steady throughout the afternoon to be good and there were a lot of people attending for mid afternoon on a Friday. I looked around the show when things quietened down between demonstrations, but I think tomorrow will be very busy indeed.

I like The Woodworking Shows show. The people attending are always friendly in searching for new things to see and incorporate into their home woodworking. In the three demonstrations that I did I asked each audience if any there were professional woodworkers earning their living from it. Not one person there raised their hand. I think that that says it all.

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