USA Intensive Summer Course Dates Set

USA Summer Course—16 July—11 August 2012

I have wanted to spend an extended period with new-genre woodworkers for some time and we have created this year’s course to that end. Many woodworkers are looking for a short but highly intensive apprenticing course proactively developing hand tool skills and this course is developed for exactly that. From 16 July to 11 August 2012 we have combined three major projects as an apprenticing Artisan Course for new and seasoned woodworkers. The month also covers many critical elements so that you actually master the skills of hand tool sharpening, project layout and how to design your own pieces. Understanding wood and its substance is fundamental to fine woodworking, so we take sourcing wood and milling stock as critical elements to your training.

We want you to be able to apply different finishes successfully and so we have included finishing in this course. Students use a variety of wood finishing methods and techniques at the conclusion of each one of their projects. We will discuss the various options available today using both modern and traditional finishes and methods including waterborne finishes, shellac, natural oils and so on and we will discuss the issues of safety as well.

This fulltime course includes a range of optional evening seminars and lectures at the bench to expand your horizons and develop true artisan skills. With fulltime bench work at the heart of the course, students develop the confidence to work with hand tools as never before. From dovetails to compound mortise and tenon joints and leather upholstered chair seats to beautiful solid oak rockers, you will be following the same apprenticeship steps I took to become a master craftsman almost fifty years ago.

More information is available on the New Legacy School of Woodworking USA website. 

5 thoughts on “USA Intensive Summer Course Dates Set”

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      It will be at the New Legacy School of Woodworking in Greenwich New York.
      Best Regrds


      1. Patrick Anderson

        Any idea as to the price of this and is accommodation part of it? I might hold off on doing the short class if this one is financially do-able and do this instead.

        1. Hello Patrick,

          The cost is $2900 but that does not include accommodation. That is an issue for those travelling in, but I am afraid we are not set up for that. Also, we are trying to let people know that the course is during the Saratoga Races in August and all of the hotels double and triple their rates, which may make this prohibitive for most people but for my schedule this is the only period that will really work. As the course is 6-8 people only I am sure it will fill readily from local people who can drive in from home. We plan on doing this month long course once a year in different states or countries.
          Also, while I remember. You had mention drawings of my projects; Arian, one of the team at NL NY is also an architect and he has been working on that already, but thanks so much for the offer to help.
          Best regards for now,


          1. Patrick Anderson

            With what you said in mind, I’ll wait and see if you’re going to be in or near Maryland.

            No problem with the 3d models. If for some reason you do need them done just let me know.

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