A question – setting up diamond sharpening plates?


I bought three DMT sharpening stone last weekend

at the show in New Jersey, and they arrived in the

mail this week. Now I want to fasten them to a

board as you have done. Did you create wells for

each stone and then fasten them with glue? I would

appreciate your advice on setting the stones up in

this manner.

Thank you and as always, best wishes,



Hi Ray,

Yes, I rout out a recess for each plate but only 1/8″ deep exactly to each of the recesses. I use a hand router not a power router, safer and easier, but either way works well. I used regular silicon sealant zigzagged in each recess, not too much, the type used for water sealant in bath rooms and such, to bed the plates. It sets them nicely. The rim around the stones is about 3/4″ from the outer edge of the board and 1/2″ between them. I have used solid wood and 3/4″ plywood. Both work fine. I have my coarse plate (250 coarse) set to my left, fine (600 fine) centre and superfine (1200 superfine) on my right. That way I move from left to right as I sharpen and end up with the superfine if I need to flip over to work on the large flat face.

Best for now,


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  1. guest on 6 March 2012 at 12:39 am

    Do you drill a small hole under the plates for ease of removal when it comes time to replace them, or are they easily pried out ?
    Additionally, Thank you for your course. It has been very  helpful to watch and listen to what you are doing. My saws, planes, and chisels are sharper and more functional than they have ever been. This encourages far more creativity and experimentation.
    The sharpening system is quick, clean and easy. The dovetail jigs work well even in pine, though I suspect I will need to replace them sooner rather than later. 
    I look forward to you next books. both tool boxes and the tote seen in you videos look appealing. Also the wall clock.

    I did have a couple of questions if you do not mind. 
    Could you post a quick video on sharpening brace bits?
    What does the Real Woodworking Club require of one? Is it possible to to lurk and learn until one feels comfortable in sharing ?

    Being a true hobby person with not a lot of skill and knowledge, It is quite alright not to post this or to post only portions that you feel might be helpful to others.

    Once again I must say your methods do work and lead to encouraging success almost instantly. I shall continue to read your posts, though it is not likely I shall ever see you in person unless your school expands to the western US.
     Wishing you a safe journey and Regards,