Part II Foundational conclusion

I think sometimes there is no greater satisfaction than finishing a job and finishing it well. Though we often call this final stage the completion, seldom do we see the significance it plays in our lives beyond simply a conclusion of something. Often, completion of one thing is the beginning of another and that’s the case in this workshop coming to a close for the day. As we walked from the shop this evening these participants were already planning their return to start a new level.

As I worked with students to glue up their projects the tension seemed to build. Glue up is the point of no return. The sense the importance of getting it right; that any unresolved joint can lead to the undoing of all of their work. Any gaps resulting from unseated joints will remain agape and no amount of clamping pressure will resolve it. But there is a certain point where somehow intuitively they know that the project is working and the joints are, one by one, closing. It’s almost euphoric in a way.

When the last clamp is in place the charged atmosphere shifts and facial expressions relax into smiles. I love the tension, the charge and smile of completion I see. The important intenseness is somehow now fully discharged. The separation from others is somehow sensed by the worker yet no apology is needed. All around the surrounding sounds of life suddenly invade the sphere isolation and the world awakens to each student again. The intensity in the atmosphere is as vivid and colourful as any artist’s palette.
At five they walk away with three-day’s work held firmly by their arms. Imagine what they feel as they load up and drive home. Wow!

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  1. That’s cool! After I buy and study the DVD course, I plan to attend one of these, Lord willing. Nice to get a preview. In the meantime, I’ll keep studying the resources here.

    Thanks, Mr. Sellers.

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