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Be still and know!

As a new sun rises beyond the hills and river beyond my bedroom, the green tips of the maples dot the dark reaches below like sparkling yellow jewels waiting for the full sun. The rats of concern scurry in the dark reaches and I pluck them one by one and place them in order of priority. Minutes go by and the unfolding day yet to be ordered seems set.

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  1. David on 11 September 2018 at 4:45 pm

    Love reading your blog and watching your YouTube channel videos, certainly for the amazing woodworking skills that are displayed, but mostly for the peacefulness that I sense in your writing and your character displayed through the patience with which you demonstrate those skills.

  • Jeff D on As Boring Things Go…Can that pillar drill take other kinds of drill bits like the auger bits?
  • Max™ on As Boring Things Go…I was looking at the minicurls coming from my iwasakis and on a lark rubbed some around in my palms when I realized it could make a remarkably nice grit in a hand scrub. I also kee…
  • Al on As Boring Things Go…Paul, I started my journey into hand tool woodworking about a year ago and have learned an incredible amount from your videos and your blogs. You have such a clear and direct manne…
  • John2v on As Boring Things Go…Hi Paul Your handraulic "drill press". I did post a comment the first time you showed it to us about STAVROS GAKOS using one on utube. In fact one of your followers said " he would…
  • Chris on As Boring Things Go…Absolutely Paul. Your first comment I go with completely. It is not so very different today. Zero-hours contracts etc.
  • Paul Sellers on As Boring Things Go…I don't really get where all this came from, Nemo. Why on earth is it "a good thing" that I "don't see" those nice possessions cited that you own?
  • Paul Sellers on As Boring Things Go…Not at all, and that wasn't really the overall point either.
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