New life New York and a New Legacy

Canadian geese (Canada geese UK) nested out of human reaches in the swampy low spots beyond the pond. The male has been alone for some weeks since I arrived and hung around seeming almost lifeless. A loud calling changed the pitch of life yesterday as they came in to occupy the larger pond and the deeper reaches for sustaining food. Five goslings twisted and turned and lay on the banks as I watched. Momma kept watch on me as I waited for them to take their first dip, but my class and students called.

This is of course my last day of the second class we have offered this year. It has been truly special brining New Legacy New York to birth. It would be hard to quantify all that this took to bring about but thanks to a lot of people, shows and support we hit the date on time and now we see the new-genre woodworkers leaving with new skills, deeper knowledge and a wealth of understanding. This has been a real blessing for me and I look forward to seeing things grow steadily in the future yet to come.

I just finished breakfast and must get to class. Enjoy!