Three workdays left and counting!

My UK workshop

Today will be as intense as the rest I am sure, but concluding things, finding all the puzzle pieces, has always been very much a part of my life. I have done things like this all throughout my life as a working craftsman. Replication is different than duplication in that one has life, the other sterility. Tools are to be unwrapped yet, sharpened, fine-tuned, set in order.

At home

Small details make the difference and we have to catch all of the small things to make the three-day stay here as pleasing as we can.

I spent yesterday painting the new tool cupboards and making my new bench. All the tops are laminated and the frames jointed, so today is assembly and drawer making. I would like the weekend off but realistically that’s not going to happen. Too many Stanley planes to sharpen. There will be a few surprises (in a positive sense) on Monday when the new intake of students arrive. Sixteen fresh-faced inspired-to-work-with-their-hands people standing around my workbench and the De-industrial Revolution continues.


See you all 9am Monday!