We are open!!!

An early morning mist hung heavily along the low reaches of the river as I looked out from my apartment around 7am. My fond memories of Ireland came to mind as I drove to the workshop in the mist and something stirred as I thought of New Legacy opening its doors for the first time. As I walked across the footbridge from the car park (parking lot) I sensed that unique awareness a teacher has before a class begins when he or she knows that whoever they are teaching is about to discover something they never heard or saw or knew before.

The mist gathered on the unformed catkins in pure droplets as I walked over the pond to the workshop doors. I could hear the voices of students excitedly chattering as they followed. In the workshop we got quickly to the task of demolishing myths and mysteries around the bench.

The vaulted ceilings kept the workshop cool despite the 90-degrees weather outside. The day passes all too quickly and all are shocked that noon came and went and it was time to sweep up. The learning curve was hugely demanding and tomorrow there will be much more to learn. My dream of a New Legacy in the USA is fulfilled and the skills being passed on are truly visceral. Who could deny that this has purpose and meaning?



Closing the doors and turning off the lights, I walked away from the workshop deeply fulfilled and contented.

The sun setting over the New Legacy signs really meant something to me as I drove home. It meant a new legacy was unfolding.

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