It’s a wonderful woodworking world!

Great second day of a full UK class yesterday and what a lovely day we had. The workshop is different each than the previous day. I am grateful, it’s true, but it’s even more than that. We worked together each day, learned new things, worked new things and regained something many had lost. There is something about simply working with your hands that we have lost through the years and then there is something beyond that that we seldom regard and that is learning and working together. One asks an awkward question and ten others get the answer. One makes a mistake and ten others learn how best to fix it. A plane doesn’t work right because of some error or failure we all gather round to see what went wrong and learn how we can reset the plane AND fix the damaged planed area.


This class is one of those vibrant classes as always. From farmers to doctors and engineers retired to engineers still working. Younger people and not so young yet there is no age or gender barrier, ethnicity and origin seems to melt into insignificance yet on the other its unique individuality remains to enrich where we are, what we do and how we live in harmony and care around the workbenches. I am amazed by the diversity of backgrounds we always see. Friendships are formed and we enjoy a blessed three days.