Nicholson Saw Files Proving Ever Faulty

On a more negative front

I tried yet another Nicholson saw file with the worst results ever. By the time I had passed it 1” along the saw, and this is brand new and unused, the corners, all three of them, had fractured, rendering the saw file useless for any further cuts. This is poor manufacture for which Nicholson is responsible. I shall be returning these files to The Home Depot for a refund and cannot recommend Nicholson files any further. This may not seem such a big deal, but if you are new to saw filing and you picked up a Nicholson saw file for the first time to sharpen your saw you might think that the problem is you or the saw because you wouldn’t know any changed.

One comment on “Nicholson Saw Files Proving Ever Faulty

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    I see that a secondhand set of 6 Nicholson rifflers went for almost Fifty quid on an unmentionable auction site today.

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