Retrofit ‘O’ Ring Vise Cushion

We fitted new 9” vises to the workshop benches that came from Veritas. They have them made in the Czech Republic and they are wonderful vises—heavyweight, strong and well engineered. One of the best vises I have come across in a long time. They have a long and strong tightening bars that afford good leverage which I really like, and so they cinch stock in the vise jaws really securely because they engineered toe-in to the outer jaw and the equalizes pressure across the whole stock. One thing we have added to improve the aesthetic function of the vises and which cost just pennies was two 7/16” rubber ‘O’ rings. When you have 20 vises opening and closing all day the drop of the Tommie bar can be quite a racket. Adding the ‘O’ ring as shown cushions the sound and makes it for a quieter workshop all round.

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  1. Steve Branam on 20 May 2012 at 1:43 pm

    I just built two of your workbenches for my school, and used the Anant version of the Record 52 1/2 ED. I’ve been using wooden-handled vises for some time now, and the familiar ring of the metal Tommie bar on the new vises was oddly comforting. Just part of the sensorium to go with the smell of wood to remind me I’m in the right place.

    Though I can see how 20 of them would start to be a bit much!