Two days into the month-long marathon

Running is a sport with many starters. Some are out in front right from the getgo and others pace themselves early in the race for a more even and steady pace. We moved along well really, with some being faster than others and by the end of the day it did seem that we ended up with two teams. Not my intention, but sometimes that happens. I will have a catch up evening for the others to gain ground and everyone will finish the first project in the course by Saturday I am sure.

Two things I became conscious of today is the age differences in the class. 18 through 60’s with most under 40 I’d say without wanting to insult any of them. Joseph will one joining me here soon and that will be great. We have plans for the future developments here in the US and so we will all get together to look at what has to be done. We’ll keep you posted. But he will also be teaching some with me and helping in the last couple of weeks.

Some of the tool boxes are glued up now and others are close too. Tomorrow we make the frames with the raised panel lids and also the bottom frames. They lowed the grooves for this todaynandhave all of their wood ready for mortising and making tenons to fit. I will be teaching a no mallet mortising technique tomorrow that will knock their socks off I think. It’s very fast and effective and will add another techniques to their arsenal of mortising strategies. Perhaps we can persuade Joseph to do another mortising YouTube video on it. You won’t believe how efficient and clean it is.

Talking of mortising, I just took delivery of the Narex mortising chisels. We are so impressed with the regular bevel-edged chisels we use at the New Legacy New York school I thought we must find an affordable chisel for those who want a heavier but fully fledged mortise chisel for the USA. I tested a 1/4″ version today and will complete that tomorrow. Then I will try the others from the set. I must say I was impressed with the delivery, packaging and evident thought that went into these chisels. The 1/4″ mortising chisel worked the wood really well and has enough heft for fearless chopping, but more on that when my findings are complete.

Still a ways to go on the tool chests, but this is a neat project that trains them in door construction, box construction and of course drawer construction. Not bad considering this is only their second project. These dovetails really stack up well and I will post pictures of them when they have them planed and ready to show and tell.


  1. Ken Haygarth on 18 July 2012 at 8:38 am

    Great job Paul,
    The tool chest looks like a fun project, I could do with making that one very soon.
    I have been using Narex mortising chisels for a while now, and very happy with them.
    Very Best

  2. Ken Haygarth on 18 July 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Paul, any thought of doing a DVD on the tool chest project. As you said it covers a great deal, and a tool chest is something we all need.