Getting ready for the month-long workshop Monday

The days passed quickly and tomorrow completes the preparation workshop prefacing the month-long intensive on Monday morning. Try imagining what an investment this is on every front, but then try, to imagine how it feels to walk home with skills you never thought possible coupled with your own newfound personal knowledge. For today’s woodworker this is radical woodworking. Sharpening skills are honed on the projects and joinery skills develop with each joint for tool boxes, chairs and tables. In just four weeks tomorrow they will sit in their rockers with their feet on their coffee tables while they place their tools in their tool chests. At least that’s our ambition.
Today I worked on the photography for my next books and also drawing plans up for the tool chest, which is also in the book and video series. If you followed mynearlier blog posts you will have sen me making the hope chest so be inspired and follow this month long for deeper insights and inspiration.