Month-long update

It can be a challenge for such high standards to be accomplished in so short a time using my minimalist methods and measures, but the results prove the efficacy of my endeavour to reestablish real woodworking in the lives of those who seriously seek to become true craftsmen and women and not mere machinists. As you now know, it takes only a working knowledge of safety issues to use a machine, and the reason is that they ARE absolutely extremely dangerous and that they never enhance skill but always substitutes for it.


A rosewood marking/mortise gauge combination I like in one tool is the one made by Joseph Marples of Sheffield UK and available in the USA from Tools for Working Wood. TFWW offer several others too, but they offer the combination gauge in various types and in two woods. The beech ones are really affordable and work well also. I like the turned pins that are hardened and nicely pointed with LONG pin lengths I like because you can see them as you work your wood. The price range varies markedly from very affordable to a little bit nicer ones in plantation-grown rosewood. Anyway, I will be posting more on marking gauges I find work well soon because there is no one-size-fits-all with them and you must understand what the options and principles are before you buy and the next article will help you prioritise your purchases.

I have pictures to post on the joinery levels in the toolbox class last week but haven’t been able to fully process everything as yet due to time and tech constraints. I will get around to it soon.

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  1. I was able to buy a similar Crown mortise gauge a few years ago for a reasonable price, but prices have since gone up stateside, and I got tired of having to hold the gauge with two hands to lock the fence. I eventually made my own mortise gauge after seeing one of Peter Follansbee’s. Not exactly a beginner project, but within the capabilities of most anyone who has spent a week in your foundations course.

    – Steve

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