The very last day!!!

There are a couple of options you can follow in life that gets you rocking like this. Probably three of four other options give you diversity in the path you take too. You can come on one of my courses at one of the New Legacy schools, and that will make the risk much less or you can do it on your own at home. You can do it by hand or you can have the machine do it for you too. In the case f all of these projects, all the surfaces were, joints and such were made using only hand tools. What these guys made in about fiur weeks of solid daily work, most woodworkers never achieve and when they do it takes several months and more likely several years. Every piece has that heirloom quality look and feel about because that’s exact;y what they are, heirlooms. With a nudge of encouragement and   guidance from me and one another too, they have just about made it. Today is the last day of the official workshop, but we will have a little catch-up time tomorrow morning. Their success is my success.

Today we seek the finalisation of yet another serious phase in the Real Woodworking Campaign.

This does not include all of the projects that hey have made in following this course. We have used a mixed bag of tools and tricks to get to this stage in the lives of these men. One loaded his stuff last night and left fully equipped for a longer 9-month course at the Center for Furniture Craftsmen in Maine, which will enable him to expand his life and become a furniture maker. Others are leaving the same objective of become craftsmen but taking a different course that will be equally fruitful. The important thing to me and to Joseph as directors of New Legacy is that we helped them on the pathway to absolute success. Even though that’s true, the main ingredient is in them. They wanted to do it and with that attitude inside them they made it to today. Thank you all for coming and aso thank you to you family who supported your vision.