This is the last week for this course

And look what we are on now. Nothing rinky-dink about chairmaking and certainly not chairs with arms on and then rockers as well. I thought that you would like get another update so here are some images I took that I liked.



Tool chests, coffee tables and a rocking chair, but these are only the projects. Don’t forget that these are the bi product of what we are doing here. We are training the future new genre woodworkers to make furniture. Its very real, honest workmanship and the reward in truth is they now have tangible skills that translate into the ability to make furniture with quality and integrity built into each joint.

Chairmaking for many is a daunting proposition but we minimise the risks through properly supervising every stage. Oak is a fairly easy wood to work but its no easy thing for starter projects that reach such levels of workmanship. All joints must be well fitted with perfect shoulders before we glue up. In two to three days we will be working on the leather and the chairs will be done.


Please keep watching fpr our 2013 schedule as the classes will once again be limited and we want to avoid disappointing anyone.

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  1. Shawn Russell


    Have you thought about filming the time at the school? Maybe having a live web feed for a price? I would love to listen and learn about issues real students run into maybe hear about design ideas that are discussed.


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