Toolboxes, tables and rocking chairs

Well, I have quite neglected everyone beyond the school this week, but we have accomplished so much at the bench, please be patient with us. I generally make the pieces alongside my students so that they get to see every step and also techniques that I use that are impossible via books and videos. Of course I hope you too feel very much a part of the future of woodworking and conservation of craft skills because whatever I pass on through whoever and whatever is my way of guaranteeing a future for others yet to come, regardless of whatever stymied these efforts from times past.








I am really proud of the people in the classes I teach, but this months class has been the icing on the cake for me. We are partway through the rocking chair which is the last of the major projects and though I think the standards of workmanship commendable, I think everyone is supportive of one another too. When someone makes a mistake in their work, including me, everyone else feels it because they genuinely care for one another now that they have spent this close time with one another and overcome the same conflicts and problems.

I like pictures like the ones I have chosen here. The addition of the pen and paper drawer are on my coffee table. As part of the new book, I want to reinforce the methods I use for making half-lap dovetails that guarantee pristine joints even when they are your first half laps.

Anyway, it was good to have Joseph come in this week to help me with the class and the next book. He can progress my work as well as I can so we make our rocking chair ahead of the students and get all of the photography done at the same time. This new book will be very different to anything anyone has ever done and we look forward to completing it.

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  1. That is one gorgeous table.

    I just had an idea on how to pay for a one month class. Just bring my flatbed trailer and a pile of blankets and tie downs and offer to deliver the finished projects for a nominal fee. Or maybe not.

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