All my troubles seemed so far away. And then the line continues but we know the end result. Life is not so much about easy but overcoming difficulties one after another and that’s what happened throughout the month. The end result is that more woodworkers emerged with expanded skills to enhance whatever other methods they have or use. I think that the results are lovely and pleasing to the eye. They will be passed on for generations along with the skills.


There is popular criticism that my goals and ambitions might be elitist. I don’t really know how that is, and of course I do specialise in hand tool methods mostly, or that I do what I do on this blog and through other media to fill my classes. The fact is that for twenty years now all my classes have always filled  wherever i have taught without anything that I have recently accomplished and so it is bemusing to see the opinions from people who don’t know me.


I thought you might like to see some results of this weeks passing-it-on work through New Legacy.

Here, Andy is making the leather seat for his now finished Craftsman-style rocking chair while the others take in the nuances of getting leather to stretch without creases. Not an easy task sometimes.





Of course as always, I always make the projects as my students do so that they can see exact;y how we achieve what we do.

This is my latest tool chest. It works really well and will serve me here in new York and at the shows I travel to for masterclasses.






I think I will call this the Veritas Tool Chest as I am keeping those tools in here primarily.
















These are the Narex chisels we use at the school. Kinda neat and orderly here, but not on my bench when I am working I am afraid.






I designed this and one other project to incorporate a series of different joints a student must master in furniture making and joinery. It has many mortise and tenons including haunched types, , half lap and common dovetail and a few other unique features not necessarily commonly used at all.



My final day today will be spent with the last two in the class and we will complete the rocking chair so that they go home with everything we planned. I think this has been one of the highlights of the year this month and I have another full class in the UK at the end of this year. I will be posting some overspill dates for the foundational course shortly to catch anyone who missed out and couldn’t find a space.


Well done everyone and thanks once again for participating.