Splitting and Paring Tenons Video

A few days ago I posted on splitting tenons then on Friday we were doing some other filming and I asked if we could quickly film a short video to more fully demonstrate what I was talking about. Below is the result. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Splitting and Paring Tenons Video”

  1. Very clear video, thanks, especially regarding watching the way the grain splits.
    Have just tried it out and works very well, fun too, will definitely be doing tenons this way more often.


  2. I just laugh to myself when I read on different forum discussions that try to dissuade people from splitting like that. I can’t imagine doing it any other way if you have even moderately straight grain. One of my favorite tools is my big timber framing chisel I use for a slick. Evens up tenon faces wonderfully.

  3. I agree with Ric, the camera work captures your technique very well. In fact, it is probably a better view that if I were standing right beside you.
    Thanks again for showing us another method that seems intimidating, until I see you do it in repetition like that.

  4. You know, Paul has done so much to educate and contribute to the renaissance of hand fitted joinery. I watch him work and imagine watching one of my early ancestors taking shaped and sharpened iron and reworking a tree into any one of the myriads of useful and beautiful furnishings; the accoutrements that decorate life.

    These are things that make living more comfortable and enjoyable; memories become attached to them… What could possibly be a more noble use of our hands than something like that?

  5. Lars Christiansen

    I had heard of this method but your video gave me one of those”Eureka” moments.
    Watching your gestures and following your explanations I obtained equivalent to , or better results than sawing the tenons.
    Additionally I must say that it gives me the feeling of being in connexion with and adapting to the live matter that wood is.

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